First Blog Post!


Hello World!

This is my first blog post. Many juniors from my college encouraged me to start writing a blog about my journey as a software engineer. This is my attempt for the same.

I can't promise anyone anything nor can I promise that I will regularly update this blog. I can only write content when I'm motivated enough and get time in schedule.

So a little bit about me, Hi, I'm Pavitra (Pa-vi-tr). I'm a Software Engineer (SE/SDE/SWE Many roles one job). I was always into computers and gadgets since my childhood, thus I decided to the same as my career as well. I was not going to set up this or any blog for a long time but I always wanted to try Next.js, luckily their getting started tutorial was about making a static blog only, so why not.

Currently I'm looking for ideas to write on, feel free to contact me via email

Looking forward to writing :)

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